Ancient Chinese Inventions

The Greatest Ancient Chinese Inventions

Ancient Chinese Inventions

Ancient Chinese Inventions

The Chinese, aside from the Egyptians, are the ones who contributed much to civilization. They have invented countless things that most, if not all, are still in use and developed further these days. There is much to thank the Chinese for: paper money, compass, etc. Thousands of inventions are from the Chinese. The first ancient Chinese inventions even date back to thousands of years ago but people still use them up to now. Here is a list of the best inventions by the Chinese.

This may be one of the greatest ancient Chinese inventions ever made. The compass was invented during the Feudal Period, in 4th century BC. The first compass was mode of bronze and lodestone. The pointer was a spoon made of lodestone and the plate was of bronze. The first one points to the South, compared to compasses these days that point to the North.

Toilet Paper
Now who cannot live without toilet paper? Every household all over the world consumes thousands of rolls of toilet paper every year. This genius invention was invented during the Sui Dynasty, about 581-618 AD. It was the Chinese who first substituted water to toilet paper to clean themselves. From then on this invention spread all over the world and has become one of the most widely-used items.

This is one of the ancient Chinese inventions that fetch very high prices these days because of the complexity of making it. Porcelain was invented during the Sui Dynasty. You will notice that only the rich can afford to have porcelain items because they are expensive. Its translucent beauty and smoothness makes for perfect dishes and other items.

Whenever you use something, do you ever wonder who invented it? You may be amazed to discover that most of them were invented by the Chinese. There are several dynasties that ruled the Chinese, and there seem to be a number of inventions per dynasty. That just proves the ingenuity of the Chinese when it comes to developing and inventing useful things.

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